Dear Comfortable Christianity


It’s hard to believe that it’s been thirty some years together. Seems day ago, not decades past, when I nervously stepped into those lukewarm baptism waters on that late Sunday night. God, I was so young. You were so…intoxicating. I remember how my heart raced and my hands shook when the preacher asked if I believed… [Keep Reading]

On Peace, The Kingdom, and Finding God


We used to have a completely predictable thing we’d do with our youth group when we were on mission trips. After a long day of serving at homeless shelters, community improvement projects and service chores for the elderly, we’d gather around some table hungry, tired and a bit annoyed at each other. (It was youth ministry, after all). As we… [Keep Reading]



Five hours. That’s how long I’ve spent on this post today, trying to write something that’ll impress you. Sentences and paragraphs constructed for a reaction, be it applause or anger. A couple thousand words written with the intention of dropping the mic and walking off the stage. A carefully written post that would get your attention…. [Keep Reading]

On Trash and What’s Outside Our Windows


Every Tuesday, at 5:45am, I wake up to the sound of leftovers grinding against metal. Like clockwork. Routine and expected. The truck grunts to a stop right outside the paper thin windows of my 1930 apartment,  exhaling the air from the engine brake as if exhausted from the journey. A door slams shut and soon a couple of… [Keep Reading]

The Church’s Problem With Genitals


She sits, quiet. Another run of the mill Sunday morning service. Another hour of smiling and greeting and worshipping and listening. For something like 15 years, she’s planted here in this small 200 member congregation. Third row back. Left aisle. Two seats in. This is where her faith has formed. Where it’s grown from infancy to maturity – from… [Keep Reading]

When Prayer Lingers Like a Ghost

Unanswered Prayer

It’s there. It’s always there. The prayer which I’ve long since given up. For months, maybe even years, it lingered on my breath and spilled from my lips. Effortless, yet afraid. Each quivering word stumbling over the one before it, as if in a rush to be heard. Please, God.  Do something.  I’ll do anything.  It was… [Keep Reading]