Cheap Bibles and Drink Coasters


They say you get what you pay for. Well, I paid $19.95 for my Bible at Wal-Mart. And it makes a really useful coaster. **** It wasn’t always this way. Used to be, the word was my sword. My trump card. A way of proving my point and standing on solid ground. It was my way of […]

When Faith Looks Like Loving Others (Henry’s Story)


It just doesn’t make sense. For the life of him, Henry couldn’t wrap his mind around why Jesus would care so much about loving neighbors. Loving God made sense – it was right, appropriate and clearly outlined in Scripture. That part added up. But, loving neighbors? Well, that is general and vague. There are no commands that tell how to love neighbors. […]

When Religion Hangs Like a Millstone Around the Neck (A Story)


  The sermon on Sunday was about loving your neighbors. Best he could tell from the message, that meant confronting those kind of people. Love is bout letting your stance be known and telling people when they’re wrong. It’s about reaching out and grabbing people dangerously close to hell and plucking them from the flames. That’s what […]

I Am Tired and It Is Too Much (A Psalm)


At church on Sunday, my friend Matthias told me of a Psalm that he’d written the previous week. I asked if he’d be kind enough to share, and he obliged. I found Matthias’ words to be deeply moving. The writing is heartfelt and feels as if you’re invited into a sacred and primal moment of vulnerability. Soon I was […]



Dark.  Eyes squinting to see shadows, trying to make sense of whatever is out there. Howls piercing the dark; terrifying warnings for those who venture far. Hair raises on the back of the neck. Fear becomes breath. Conflict.  Two stalwart, stubborn forces crashing together. The rubbing of different materials. Different dreams. Different interpretations. Different expectations. Friction is created. […]

On Rebellions, Fear and the Real Meaning of Creation


Last week, I wrote about the beginning of things. If you haven’t read the post, I recommend doing so before reading this one. It’ll help to make sense of what you’re about to read. Now, a word on the real meaning of the beginning. First, the setting. It’s believed the Genesis account was written by Moses […]