What If Church Isn’t Church At All?


I think church happens in surprising places, which makes me think that maybe our definition of church is something entire too small. What if church isn’t about a building or a gathering at all? Maybe church is less about Sundays and more about Old friends coming together after years of drifting apart, And listening to […]

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The Grand Secret About The Kingdom Of Heaven


I think the kingdom of heaven is whispering all around us. Like a speakeasy, hidden away behind the facade of our schedules and priorities, it beckons. Whispering possibility and affirming the truth of what is, the whisper wakes men and women up to dream. Its libations spreading out, like ripples in a great pond, without regard […]

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A Rich Man, A Beggar, And The Story You Choose


  Jesus tells a strange story about the deaths of a rich man and a poor man. A story about two men, from two entirely different sides of town, dying on the same day. First, we learn about the rich man. He’s got it all—the palace, the recognition, the designer tunics. People just don’t know about him; they […]

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The Question That Every Christian Should Ask Themselves


I’d written an 1,854 word post lamenting the state of American Christianity and calling to task the Evangelical and conservative Protestant christian for the arrogant, blind and misguided ways they force their values upon those who are other, disguising prejudice and discrimination as love and Gospel. It was really quite scathing, not very kind, and, yes, there was a lot […]

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