I was a youth pastor for 10 years. And a Bible-toting believer since I can remember.

Then, I walked away.

Why?  I was angry, bitter, burnt-out and disappointed in the way that following Jesus felt so political, boring and combative. Faith had been replaced with business meetings and talking points, and I was slowly dying.  Something needed to change.

It’s taken some time, but I’m finding faith again.

Now I spend my time writing and speaking to groups of all sizes, disrupting complacency and tradition with stories about an upside-down kingdom.  Stories of a God who comes here.  Stories of a Gospel that is about loving our neighbors and our enemies. Stories of a grace that refuses to let us live dying lives.

I hope that, somehow, my small attempts at giving context to that kingdom inspire large dreams within your heart.

Thank you for reading. It really means quite a lot to me.

– Jake




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