We Would Have Fired Jesus


Jesus would’ve made a terrible preacher. And we most likely would’ve fired him. He was hard to pin down. Always hanging out with the wrong kinds of people. Consistently offending the ones he should’ve been coddling. Sometimes he would disappear abruptly after a speaking gig rather than hang around. He sometimes contradicted himself. He was known […]

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What Is The Church, Really?


I’m not going to do this blog justice. Not today. Maybe not ever. But, I’m writing it anyway. Why? Because I think it’s worth stumbling through a difficult thing; something that, I believe, we are each trying to figure out in our own different ways. What is the church, really? That’s what we’re all asking, isn’t […]

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The Gospel And The Stones We Throw


Her eyes searched the ground for an excuse. They came up empty. A crowd had gathered. Anger, pride, and shame all hung in the air like the stench of manure on a hot July country afternoon. Voices were raised and the tension was high. And in the middle of it all stood a half naked […]

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Dear Comfortable Christianity


It’s hard to believe that it’s been thirty some years together. Seems day ago, not decades past, when I nervously stepped into those lukewarm baptism waters on that late Sunday night. God, I was so young. You were so…intoxicating. I remember how my heart raced and my hands shook when the preacher asked if I believed […]

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The Church’s Problem With Genitals


She sits, quiet. Another run of the mill Sunday morning service. Another hour of smiling and greeting and worshipping and listening. For something like 15 years, she’s planted here in this small 200 member congregation. Third row back. Left aisle. Two seats in. This is where her faith has formed. Where it’s grown from infancy to maturity – from […]

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On Peace and Imposters


Peacemakers. The word must’ve lingered in the air like the smell of sour meat. What does peace have to do with anything? They’d traveled so far, waited so long, to hear from the man standing on the mountain. They were the Jews – the one nation under God – living out their lives under Roman rule. The Messiah was supposed […]

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