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The Stories That Have Recently Shaped Me…

Life is better when we listen. I get a lot of ideation, inspiration, and agitation from Twitter – and so I thought it might be fun to share what’s made my radar over the past fews weeks. Who knows, maybe this will be a regular thing here. Or maybe not. Anyway – this is the […]

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On When You’re Close To Giving Up…

10,000 hours. That’s what Malcolm Gladwell said is the secret to becoming an expert at your craft. I feel like I read that 30,000 hours ago. And here I sit, tonight, engaged in an active staring contest with my laptop screen. And with every passing minute and hour, the antagonistic voice of doubt is given […]

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When Fear Comes Knocking…

It’s dependable, like an intrusive and unwelcome neighbor. Every month, it seems, the neighbor comes knocking. I crack the door an inch and he barges through – insistently telling stories which I’ve no time for. He strong-arms his way into pouring a cup of Folgers and spilling his frame into a chair at the kitchen […]

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Hey Dreamers, Let’s Make These Three Backwards Resolutions in 2014

I’m not really a resolution person. For evidence, notice that I’m writing about resolutions after the standard “I should blog about resolutions” window has passed. That’s probably a fail. (Note: be better at writing in the moment, Jake.) I digress and make a confession: I’ve come dangerously close recently to giving up on my dream. […]

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Staring at the floor of a dry well…

Approximately two months. Precisely seven weeks. Exactly 55 days. July 22nd, 2013. That’s the last time I published a post to this blog.  Full disclosure – it’s the last time I even wrote anything that had the chance to make it here.  It’s a fact that has been persistently and annoyingly hunting me down.  For […]

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