People of Hope Or Prophets of Doom? What is the Church anyway?


We can be exhausting. The rants and the unsolicited comments on social media. The reactions to social agendas, new legislation, and Modern Family. Christians have a way of making a fuss about anything we disagree with. I think it all comes from a good place. I really do.  We want the world to be better than what it… Keep Reading

In Charleston As It Is In Heaven


We’re here again. Jolted by another act of racism. Angry and frustrated at another headline featuring black victims and a white killer. Jon Stewart really said it best on his show in the days following the shooting (you should really watch the video): I’ve got nothing for you in terms of jokes and sounds, because of what happened in South… Keep Reading

The Caitlyn Jenner Dilemma


In April, former Olympian Bruce Jenner announced his plans to transition from a man to a woman. Now on the cover of Vanity Fair, Bruce has now revealed himself to the world as “Caitlyn Jenner.” In the days following, Caitlyn created a new Twitter account which quickly attracted over 1 million followers. Every day since, Christians have… Keep Reading

The Liturgy of Everyday


These are days with too few hours. Days filled with commitments and stress and tasks. There’s the job to work and the emails to answer. There are relationships that need nourished and others that need the hard work of being repaired. A beer to grab with a friend and a call to catch up on with another. And, smashed in… Keep Reading

What Is The Church, Really?


I’m not going to do this blog justice. Not today. Maybe not ever. But, I’m writing it anyway. Why? Because I think it’s worth stumbling through a difficult thing; something that, I believe, we are each trying to figure out in our own different ways. What is the church, really? That’s what we’re all asking, isn’t… Keep Reading

Gatekeepers, The Kingdom, and Where God Hangs Out


Before the movement was a movement, there was a man talking crazy on a hillside. A carpenter’s son from the wrong side of town, riffing about things above his pay grade. God, heaven, blessings and sinners. This was the business of theologians and priests, and those gatekeepers of God were less than thrilled by this sideshow. He drew… Keep Reading