Gatekeepers, The Kingdom, and Where God Hangs Out


Before the movement was a movement, there was a man talking crazy on a hillside. A carpenter’s son from the wrong side of town, riffing about things above his pay grade. God, heaven, blessings and sinners. This was the business of theologians and priests, and those gatekeepers of God were less than thrilled by this sideshow. He drew… [Keep Reading]

The Gospel And The Stones We Throw


Her eyes searched the ground for an excuse. They came up empty. A crowd had gathered. Anger, pride, and shame all hung in the air like the stench of manure on a hot July country afternoon. Voices were raised and the tension was high. And in the middle of it all stood a half naked… [Keep Reading]

Dear Kingdom of Heaven


Some say that faith is a certain thing. That it’s a lot like following a map or staying in the lines of a coloring book or looking at a black and white picture. But these days, it feels more like clawing through the dark. I didn’t always think that.  It all used to be so easy. I said the prayers, followed… [Keep Reading]

Dear Comfortable Christianity


It’s hard to believe that it’s been thirty some years together. Seems day ago, not decades past, when I nervously stepped into those lukewarm baptism waters on that late Sunday night. God, I was so young. You were so…intoxicating. I remember how my heart raced and my hands shook when the preacher asked if I believed… [Keep Reading]



Five hours. That’s how long I’ve spent on this post today, trying to write something that’ll impress you. Sentences and paragraphs constructed for a reaction, be it applause or anger. A couple thousand words written with the intention of dropping the mic and walking off the stage. A carefully written post that would get your attention…. [Keep Reading]

On Trash and What’s Outside Our Windows


Every Tuesday, at 5:45am, I wake up to the sound of leftovers grinding against metal. Like clockwork. Routine and expected. The truck grunts to a stop right outside the paper thin windows of my 1930 apartment,  exhaling the air from the engine brake as if exhausted from the journey. A door slams shut and soon a couple of… [Keep Reading]