God Is For Peace And God Is For Us


There’s a simple mantra I’ve been learning to speak to myself lately. It varies slightly based on the context and the situation, but the guts are always the same.  It’s a way of resetting my mind and recalibrating my interpretation of what is going on within me and around me. It goes like this: God […]

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What God Thinks About You


I used to think that God hated me. Not really hated me. Not like smite me while I sleep kind of hate. More like Republicans hate Democrats. Like the kind of hate that is described as being consistently annoyed.  This, of course, is what I had been told. A worldview developed from hearing how God hates our […]

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On Peace, The Kingdom, and Finding God


We used to have a completely predictable thing we’d do with our youth group when we were on mission trips. After a long day of serving at homeless shelters, community improvement projects and service chores for the elderly, we’d gather around some table hungry, tired and a bit annoyed at each other. (It was youth ministry, after all). As we […]

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On Trash and What’s Outside Our Windows


Every Tuesday, at 5:45am, I wake up to the sound of leftovers grinding against metal. Like clockwork. Routine and expected. The truck grunts to a stop right outside the paper thin windows of my 1930 apartment,  exhaling the air from the engine brake as if exhausted from the journey. A door slams shut and soon a couple of […]

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