One after another, the talking heads called it;  some jubilantly, some solemnly, and some begrudgingly. The yearlong onslaught of attack ads, stump speeches, cold calls, and polls all led us to this moment.  18 months, 6 billion dollars, some historically important moments all leading to this outcome.  And it was all over by 10:30pm on… Keep Reading


Social media really can change the world. Really.  It’s not just hype.  It’s not just cliche.  The power of YOUR on-line network can do something real, something tangible, to affect a disparaging situation in the world.  And, you can look good doing it. Sevenly is part shirt company, part activist community, and part tech company.  Their… Keep Reading


The difference between average (unnoticed) and great (reputable) in today’s culture revolves around one thing:  customer service. Customer service revolves around one thing:  creating an experience which benefits the customer.  In the restaurant business, this means creating a unique dining experience combining food, drinks, service, and environment to generate a certain emotional response to your… Keep Reading


A rebel is someone without a cause.   (Yup, that pun was intended).  A rebel is someone who is frustrated by their life.  Someone who thinks they are stifled by their current systems, rules, and regulations.  Rebels shout a lot, go against the system in an effort to stand out, and pierce things.  Rebels are… Keep Reading

WHEN CHURCH SUCKS….(Part 2 in Religious Perverts)

After the last episode in this series – which has come along painfully slow – I’ve been unable to shake one fleeting thought.  We discovered in the last post that the average Sunday affords us the chance to reach 18 million people in the United States alone…meaning that each Sunday morning we hold the potential… Keep Reading

SUNDAY CASUALTIES (Religions Perverts…..part 1)

Each Sunday, roughly 40% of America’s population can be found attending a church service of some variety.  According to most research, this translates to roughly 118 million people (research here). This means that each Sunday morning, we find ourselves in a position to radically influence the fabric of our society and culture…to offer hope in… Keep Reading