What If Church Isn’t Church At All?


I think church happens in surprising places, which makes me think that maybe our definition of church is something entire too small. What if church isn’t about a building or a gathering at all? Maybe church is less about Sundays and more about Old friends coming together after years of drifting apart, And listening to […]

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What Is The Church, Really?


I’m not going to do this blog justice. Not today. Maybe not ever. But, I’m writing it anyway. Why? Because I think it’s worth stumbling through a difficult thing; something that, I believe, we are each trying to figure out in our own different ways. What is the church, really? That’s what we’re all asking, isn’t […]

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Dear Comfortable Christianity


It’s hard to believe that it’s been thirty some years together. Seems day ago, not decades past, when I nervously stepped into those lukewarm baptism waters on that late Sunday night. God, I was so young. You were so…intoxicating. I remember how my heart raced and my hands shook when the preacher asked if I believed […]

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On Peace, The Kingdom, and Finding God


We used to have a completely predictable thing we’d do with our youth group when we were on mission trips. After a long day of serving at homeless shelters, community improvement projects and service chores for the elderly, we’d gather around some table hungry, tired and a bit annoyed at each other. (It was youth ministry, after all). As we […]

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When Sermons Trump Neighbors…

Can we settle something once and for all? Being a Christian does not give you permission to be an ass. I know that’s a harsh word, and that might cause some of you to twinge a bit. But it’s really the only way to describe the way we posture and position ourselves to be the […]

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