People of Hope Or Prophets of Doom? What is the Church anyway?


We can be exhausting. The rants and the unsolicited comments on social media. The reactions to social agendas, new legislation, and Modern Family. Christians have a way of making a fuss about anything we disagree with. I think it all comes from a good place. I really do.  We want the world to be better than what it… Keep Reading

What Is The Church, Really?


I’m not going to do this blog justice. Not today. Maybe not ever. But, I’m writing it anyway. Why? Because I think it’s worth stumbling through a difficult thing; something that, I believe, we are each trying to figure out in our own different ways. What is the church, really? That’s what we’re all asking, isn’t… Keep Reading

Dear Comfortable Christianity


It’s hard to believe that it’s been thirty some years together. Seems day ago, not decades past, when I nervously stepped into those lukewarm baptism waters on that late Sunday night. God, I was so young. You were so…intoxicating. I remember how my heart raced and my hands shook when the preacher asked if I believed… Keep Reading

On Peace, The Kingdom, and Finding God


We used to have a completely predictable thing we’d do with our youth group when we were on mission trips. After a long day of serving at homeless shelters, community improvement projects and service chores for the elderly, we’d gather around some table hungry, tired and a bit annoyed at each other. (It was youth ministry, after all). As we… Keep Reading

When Sermons Trump Neighbors…

Can we settle something once and for all? Being a Christian does not give you permission to be an ass. I know that’s a harsh word, and that might cause some of you to twinge a bit. But it’s really the only way to describe the way we posture and position ourselves to be the… Keep Reading

The Stories That Have Recently Shaped Me…

Life is better when we listen. I get a lot of ideation, inspiration, and agitation from Twitter – and so I thought it might be fun to share what’s made my radar over the past fews weeks. Who knows, maybe this will be a regular thing here. Or maybe not. Anyway – this is the… Keep Reading