Exile, Dry Bones, And A God On The Loose


In this series, we’ve talked a lot about stories. Most importantly, we’ve talked about the stories behind the familiar Bible stories that most of us have grown up with. The hope is to find the true intention and meaning of these stories, rather than simply reciting the main characters and plot lines. 

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Fish Vomit and Loving Your Enemies


  Let’s get right to the story, shall we? Once there was a man from Israel. This Israelite’s God commands him to go preach to the great, far away city of Ninevah. The man, however, flees from God and tries to hide. He escapes on a fishing boat and soon a great storm arises.

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Flood – A Story About What God Is Like


Last week, we looked at a story about naked people and grace. This week, floods and rainbows. (Isn’t Genesis great?!) First – a word about world history. Flood stories weren’t a new thing in the time of Moses. Neither were catastrophic, civilization-clearing floods caused by the gods. Flood stories existed long before Moses started writing the […]

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We Would Have Fired Jesus


Jesus would’ve made a terrible preacher. And we most likely would’ve fired him. He was hard to pin down. Always hanging out with the wrong kinds of people. Consistently offending the ones he should’ve been coddling. Sometimes he would disappear abruptly after a speaking gig rather than hang around. He sometimes contradicted himself. He was known […]

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