Fish Vomit and Loving Your Enemies


The #15stories series is an attempt to find new life in old familiar Bible stories. If you’d like to start from the beginning, you can read about naked people, floods and rainbows, angels and gang-rape, angry gods who demanded child sacrifices, empires and refugees, God’s words on stone tablets, crusades, jihads and golden calves, faith and getting lost, an old story of […]

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Flood – A Story About What God Is Like (2 of 15)


Last week, we looked at a story about naked people and grace. This week, floods and rainbows. (Isn’t Genesis great?!) First – a word about world history. Flood stories weren’t a new thing in the time of Moses. Neither were catastrophic, civilization-clearing floods caused by the gods. Flood stories existed long before Moses started writing the […]

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Adam and Eve – Part 1 of 15


It only seems logical to start this series in the beginning. But I’ve already written a lot about the beginning and don’t want to start this series with old material. So, if you haven’t, I highly recommend reading “Poets and Preachers: Thoughts on What The Bible Really Is” before reading this post. And if you’d […]

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We Would Have Fired Jesus


Jesus would’ve made a terrible preacher. And we most likely would’ve fired him. He was hard to pin down. Always hanging out with the wrong kinds of people. Consistently offending the ones he should’ve been coddling. Sometimes he would disappear abruptly after a speaking gig rather than hang around. He sometimes contradicted himself. He was known […]

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People of Hope Or Prophets of Doom? What is the Church anyway?


We can be exhausting. The rants and the unsolicited comments on social media. The reactions to social agendas, new legislation, and Modern Family. Christians have a way of making a fuss about anything we disagree with. I think it all comes from a good place. I really do.  We want the world to be better than what it […]

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The Gospel And The Stones We Throw


Her eyes searched the ground for an excuse. They came up empty. A crowd had gathered. Anger, pride, and shame all hung in the air like the stench of manure on a hot July country afternoon. Voices were raised and the tension was high. And in the middle of it all stood a half naked […]

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