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God’s Not Where You Think He Is…

He’d never thought he’d be here – sitting on a pew, begging God for mercy. Through penance, that’s how he’d reason to make things right. His life a wreck, with her long gone and out sight, He’d stumbled into church one Sunday half drunk on a last ditch prayer. Fifteen years later, he is still here. […]

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The Stories That Have Recently Shaped Me…

Life is better when we listen. I get a lot of ideation, inspiration, and agitation from Twitter – and so I thought it might be fun to share what’s made my radar over the past fews weeks. Who knows, maybe this will be a regular thing here. Or maybe not. Anyway – this is the […]

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On What God Really Thinks About You…

You aren’t worth it. These words sneak into my mind almost daily. Some small thing happens to remind me of my insignificance and inability to impress, and I find myself waging war with my thoughts. Nobody wants you. Nobody needs you. Nobody notices you. I don’t really know what you call it – anxiety, depression, […]

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On Why The Gospel Is Better Than Heaven

I used to believe that the core message of Christianity is about what happens after you die – about heaven, hell, and the judgment that precedes it all. The Gospel seemed little more than an eternal nest egg. As I understood, Jesus died on a cross so that God wouldn’t be too disappointed with me […]

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On The Night When I Had Dinner With A Homeless Man (well, kind of)…

Tonight, I bought a homeless man dinner. No, I’m not bragging. Not even close. I parked my truck, paid the meter, and walked right into his trap. He’d conveniently positioned himself directly on the homestretch to Chipotle’s front door. There was no escape and no excuse. “Spare a few bucks, bud?” Bullet dodged. I rarely […]

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