The Gospel And The Stones We Throw


Her eyes searched the ground for an excuse. They came up empty. A crowd had gathered. Anger, pride, and shame all hung in the air like the stench of manure on a hot July country afternoon. Voices were raised and the tension was high. And in the middle of it all stood a half naked… Keep Reading



Five hours. That’s how long I’ve spent on this post today, trying to write something that’ll impress you. Sentences and paragraphs constructed for a reaction, be it applause or anger. A couple thousand words written with the intention of dropping the mic and walking off the stage. A carefully written post that would get your attention…. Keep Reading

On Trash and What’s Outside Our Windows


Every Tuesday, at 5:45am, I wake up to the sound of leftovers grinding against metal. Like clockwork. Routine and expected. The truck grunts to a stop right outside the paper thin windows of my 1930 apartment,  exhaling the air from the engine brake as if exhausted from the journey. A door slams shut and soon a couple of… Keep Reading

Finding Grace in Falling Empires (My Two Cents on Mark Driscoll)…

This week, Mark Driscoll officially stepped down as the lead pastor at the Mars Hill Church. Well, kind of. More on that in a bit. First, it’s necessary to offer a quick recap. Mark Driscoll is a pastor, author, circuit speaker, and influential voice in modern Christianity. His messages are unapologetic, often stern, and delivered with a… Keep Reading

I Hope They Burn in Hell {a post about loving our enemies}…

I can’t handle the news anymore. ISIS. #ISIS Militants in Iraq killed 80 Yazidis, abducted wives and children, officials report — Michael (@Canine_Rights) August 16, 2014 Ferguson.   Racially charged protests entered their sixth night since the Aug. 9 death of Michael Brown #Ferguson — Newsweek (@Newsweek) August 16, 2014 Gaza. Displaced… Keep Reading

I’m With You, Gungor…

God is not, is not my father.  Wait. Did a Christian band really sing that?! Over the weekend, WORLD mag posted THIS damning declaration about the band Gungor – who sings these lyrics in a liturgy project called God Our Mother.  WORLD levied their judgement thinly veiled as an album review. […]But their latest work reveals a band transcending not… Keep Reading