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On When You’re Close To Giving Up…

10,000 hours. That’s what Malcolm Gladwell said is the secret to becoming an expert at your craft. I feel like I read that 30,000 hours ago. And here I sit, tonight, engaged in an active staring contest with my laptop screen. And with every passing minute and hour, the antagonistic voice of doubt is given […]

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When Fear Comes Knocking…

It’s dependable, like an intrusive and unwelcome neighbor. Every month, it seems, the neighbor comes knocking. I crack the door an inch and he barges through – insistently telling stories which I’ve no time for. He strong-arms his way into pouring a cup of Folgers and spilling his frame into a chair at the kitchen […]

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Staring at the floor of a dry well…

Approximately two months. Precisely seven weeks. Exactly 55 days. July 22nd, 2013. That’s the last time I published a post to this blog.  Full disclosure – it’s the last time I even wrote anything that had the chance to make it here.  It’s a fact that has been persistently and annoyingly hunting me down.  For […]

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What Matters Most For Your Dream…

There are some days when the dream feels natural. Those days, my heart beats for my craft.  My spirit awakens to the possibility of it all.  On those days, I can bunk down in the corner of a coffee shop, steady drip caffeine into my veins, and knock out chapters of a book.  Those days, […]

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