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Thoughts On When God Dies…

He’s gone.  I wonder what terror must’ve flooded through the movement after that small whisper. Witnessing it all must’ve been something reserved for nightmares. The One who was before anything is - dying right in front of their eyes. This was more than the death of a man – this was the murder of hope. Gone? Dead. It’s over.  The […]

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The Tale of Two Gospels…

It stole the stage every Sunday for as along as I can remember. Didn’t matter much what the sermon was about, it would always twist itself into the conversation. To say it was a conversation is a bit misleading, for there wasn’t much dialogue that I can remember. It was more like a good old […]

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On Culture Wars, Revolution, and Palm Sunday…

  They were a people who felt like strangers in their own country. They were the underdogs – some would say the antagonists – in their culture wars. They lived in a society that had brazenly kicked God to the curb; a culture accepting of things that were unfit to talk about at the dinner […]

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A Kingdom Within a Crowd (a #newstory about God)…

To know them was no remarkable thing. They weren’t renegades nor were they rebels – no, the fight had long died from their hearts. Men with little status and women with hushed voices, they were the ones bidding their time in the margins. Tax payers with blue collars.  Those with mortgages in foreclosure.  Part-timers. Disability […]

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