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When Our Prayers Stumble and Stutter…

Hi God. I —- Silence. There are often times that I struggle to pray. It’s not that I don’t want to pray, and it’s certainly not that I think I don’t need to pray.  There are just times where it’s hard to pray. Awkward silences fill the space after my dear Heavenly Father’s. Easily distracted, I grow […]

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The Stories That Have Recently Shaped Me…

Life is better when we listen. I get a lot of ideation, inspiration, and agitation from Twitter – and so I thought it might be fun to share what’s made my radar over the past fews weeks. Who knows, maybe this will be a regular thing here. Or maybe not. Anyway – this is the […]

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On The Night When I Had Dinner With A Homeless Man (well, kind of)…

Tonight, I bought a homeless man dinner. No, I’m not bragging. Not even close. I parked my truck, paid the meter, and walked right into his trap. He’d conveniently positioned himself directly on the homestretch to Chipotle’s front door. There was no escape and no excuse. “Spare a few bucks, bud?” Bullet dodged. I rarely […]

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On Marriage Sermons and Giving Up On God

Her marriage fell apart years ago, when her husband stopped noticing her. They still share a mortgage, four children and even a bed – but they can’t seem to have a conversation longer than a few words.  Tonight, he’s working late again. Or, he’s out for another round with the boys. Or, he’s in the basement […]

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3 Things I Told The Men From The Sober Living Home That Are True For You…

Yesterday, I spoke to a group of men battling addiction and the hell its brought into their lives. These are brave men. They are voluntarily staying at a sober living facility for one year – one year of strict schedules, limited contact with an outside world, and structure. To these guys, structure is heaven. Structure keeps […]

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