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On Culture Wars, Revolution, and Palm Sunday…

  They were a people who felt like strangers in their own country. They were the underdogs – some would say the antagonists – in their culture wars. They lived in a society that had brazenly kicked God to the curb; a culture accepting of things that were unfit to talk about at the dinner […]

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A Kingdom Within a Crowd (a #newstory about God)…

To know them was no remarkable thing. They weren’t renegades nor were they rebels – no, the fight had long died from their hearts. Men with little status and women with hushed voices, they were the ones bidding their time in the margins. Tax payers with blue collars.  Those with mortgages in foreclosure.  Part-timers. Disability […]

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On Wine with Grandma (a #newstory about God)…

We’ve been at the dinner table for hours – she reminiscing and doting in her grandmotherly ways, and me waiting for it to all come crashing down. To be frank, I don’t understand why she’s dragging this out. We all know what’s bound to happen next; the conversation will shift into her disappointment of what […]

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Why We Need New Stories About God…

In the beginning… And thus begins the story of humanity with three small words, setting into motion a story that unfolds like no other – stories of kings and their kingdoms, heavens and hells, catastrophic events and raucous celebrations, even spiritual beasts and mere men. Oh, and a God who becomes one of us. As […]

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On Hell (The Post I’m Afraid To Write)…

The Gospel is filled with hell. You can’t deny it. You can’t wiggle out of it. As much as we try – and as much as I want to hide it - it’s right there, bold and undeniable, frequently placed throughout the Gospel pages. Jesus talked about it more than any other author in the Scriptures. You […]

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On Farming, Dirty Hands, and Surprise Endings…

It’s the kind of unremarkable everyday moment that no one thinks to write books about. But on this particular unremarkable day, an extraordinary event would take place. An event so peculiar that it would be talked about and discussed and celebrated for thousands of years after, and still to this very day. The story takes […]

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