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is a dangerous and destructive place for leaders.  Though it’s important for leaders to meet together and discuss some things in private confines…isolation is an immediate danger.  In isolation: Working together feels more like employment than partnership. Great leaders and leadership structures facilitate environments of partnership which foster creativity, value dreams, mentor and trust other […]

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So, it appears that my previous post really struck a nerve.  Good.  I firmly believe that unless we are brutally honest with our efforts, environments, and surroundings…we will never grow beyond where we are.  We must never settle for mediocrity or mundane expressions of faith because the Gospel has revealed to us a new way […]

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I think that THE number one problem facing American churches today is vision-related.  The fights, in-ward disputes, irrelevant environments, quarantined leaderships, dwindling attendance numbers, budget shortfalls, lack of real influence in the community, and dismal volunteer numbers are all related to the lack of vision in our churches.  The less clear we are with our […]

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Our student ministry is redefining the way that we do ministry.  It’s been a journey, and there are sure to be a few failures here and there, but for the most part we believe that our new vision and strategy will align our staff and students to fully experience God and fully display His fame.  […]

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Leadership doesn’t gain credibility through control; rather, it gains credibility from empowering its followers. The strategy of a church is the plan it implements in order to empower its members. The strategy is the funnel through which all resources, ministries, programs, and possibilities are aligned in order to accomplish the local mission of the church […]

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